Vacations come in all shapes and sizes from a small romantic getaway to a large family reunion. When the family has few opportunities to spend time together, let’s face it, there’s no better way than to gather under the same roof. We like to call these Pajama or PJ Moments, where you and your loved ones have the privacy to stay in your PJs together all day on your family vacation; large homes are made for this.

Under One Roof Vol.1 PJ Moments in Beautiful Places

The Perfect Place for Fun & Games

Our large homes are the perfect luxury winter vacation destination for family gatherings. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, the Holiday period or New Year’s, having everybody under the same roof makes it that much more special.

Of course, food is the magnet that draws people together in any home. The extensive dining areas & large eat-in kitchens that you find in homes like Daybreak Ridge Estate, 91 Ambleside or The Castle are perfect for gathering together to enjoy your turkey and the trimmings, a fondue evening or simply a pre-ski breakfast. The large, fully fitted kitchens, and generous islands are great for the budding chefs in your group to cook together.

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Under One Roof Vol.1 PJ Moments in Beautiful Places

Of course, dinner isn’t the only menu item for families staying at a home like Daybreak Ridge. Pick your teams for games nights, or host your own in-home “Olympics”. You and the family can compete at foosball, pool and air hockey to see which team wins the Gold. Why not try a “Murder Mystery” evening at The Castle? Each person must dress up as a character in the game and solves clues to find out who in the group is the murderer.

Under One Roof Vol.1 PJ Moments in Beautiful Places

A Dream Destination to Relax and Unwind

For the ultimate PJ moment, cozy up with your family in the private movie theatre, with popcorn and cuddly blankets, and enjoy the latest movies or your favorite TV shows. Or why not catch the big game on the big screen? Immerse yourself in the Super Bowl or March Madness. 

Tired after skiing or hiking all day? Soak those aching limbs in your private hot tub, toast the views with your friends and discuss the day’s adventures. Imagine a relaxing deep tissue massage out on your deck under the stars or next to a roaring fire in winter. 

Don’t simply imagine it, do it.

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