Couple’s Beach Retreats

Share time with the special person in your life at one of our luxurious Caribbean resorts. We are on hand to help you find your perfect romantic destination.


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Our beautiful Jamaican resorts offer a relaxing ambience set against the spectacular backdrop of the clear, Caribbean waters.


The Bahamas is an ideal couples’ destination for those looking for a sense of adventure. A number of local cultural festivals take place throughout the year, and there are a number of vibrant nightlife options.


Grenada’s vast natural beauty is its most unique quality. Couples looking for a new experience can look forward to dense rainforests, grand cliffs and relaxing hot springs.


Consistently voted the “World’s Most Romantic Resort”, The Grande Antigua offers luxurious and relaxing environment with its white beaches and majestic palm trees.

Saint Lucia

As well as its stunning beaches and luxurious resorts, Saint Lucia offers a variety of unique activities, and is one of the world’s top sites for whale watching.


With a long tradition of world-class hospitality and luxury, Barbados is perhaps the most perfect romantic destination in the Caribbean.