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Pet friendly rentals for your vacation
Ski towns love dogs

Dog friendly vacation rentals

If you are looking for pet friendly homes to rent, you have come to the right place. A vacation to the mountains is a great option for dog lovers. Across the country, pet friendly resorts with abundant open space, woodlands and areas to hike and explore, lots of secret places to sniff out and plenty of sticks to retrieve and carry, making the mountains a vacation paradise for your dogs- and of course for you as well!

Traveling with your furry friends on your family vacation brings peace of mind; no need to constantly worry about doggy care or if your loyal friend is missing you. With the variety of dog friendly accommodation for rent, there’s no need to leave anyone behind when you vacation. Pet friendly hotels are usually the first option that pet owners consider, but our dog friendly rentals can offer so much more space and flexibility.

Pet friendly travel can seem daunting. Staying in the wrong lodging can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, so it’s important to do your homework. You need to understand all the rules around pet stays, like immunization, pet fees, deposits and facilities that are supported by the local community. Where can you take your dog for a walk? Are there places your dog can be off its leash? Are there outdoor tables in local restaurants so your pet can join you for a meal? How to find a dog sitter or walker for those days when you need one? Where do you find a local vet if there’s an emergency?

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Work with a travel agent to get the best result

This is where it helps to work with The Travel Whisperer, as we are able to locate pet friendly rentals that will welcome your furry family members and make them feel completely at home. We’ll help find you the ideal pet friendly condo, townhome or single-family home, where owners will consider a dog for guests who are booking a longer stay. These owners and property managers usually work with trusted travel agents in approving a pet stay on a case-by-case basis. Your agent will also navigate all the requirements & work with the lodging manager on your behalf.

Pet friendly rentals for your vacation

Ski towns love dogs!

Ski towns are typically set up to welcome dogs with most local store owners setting out drinking bowls for passing dogs and even offering treats. Many of the local restaurants allow dogs to sit outdoors with their owners and will also bring your pooch a water bowl while you munch on your burger and down a local draft. There are usually a wide variety of hiking trails that are ideal for doggy exercise – often to lakes or along woodland trails. Most of these require your dog to be leashed as there will be other dog walkers and you may encounter local wildlife and it could be too tempting to resist a chase.

Back home at your pet friendly condo or family home, you will have the space to unwind, a kitchen to store your dog’s dinners, and an outdoor deck to feed her. With room for her bed and some toys to make her feel secure, your dog is set for her very own trip to the mountains.

Tips for travelling with your dog

1. Puppy Photos -Take some pictures of your four legged friends and send them to the travel agent you are working with. Owners love to see their canine visitors and your cute pictures really do make that personal connection.

2. Grooming – Make sure your dog has been well groomed before you depart. Reducing shedding by stripping out excess hair will keep those pet cleaning fees down. Also – make sure her nails have been trimmed so that wooden floors don’t get scratched.

3. Crates are Important -If you are planning on leaving your dog alone at the vacation home, its wise to bring her crate so that she doesn’t get anxious if you are out for long periods.

4. Amenities – Many homes provide doggy Welcome Packs. Find out what amenities the vacation home manager makes available for dogs.

5. Be Up Front with Information – Providing as much information up front about your dog(s) will help ensure that there are no unexpected charges.

6. Special Dog Food – If your pet prefers a special diet, it is advised to bring this with you or have this food shipped in advance. Property managers will store this for you and have it delivered to your residence ahead of your arrival. Some dog foods may not be available at your vacation destination so it’s important to check. You may also want to bring your own food and water bowls.

7. Service Dogs – Be aware that emotional support dogs are not classified the same as fully registered service dogs. Some lodging options have strict HOA rules about dogs that will preclude your emotional support dog from being able to stay there. Be sure to carry all your paperwork with you when traveling with your service animal.

10. Special Pet Moments – Owners and lodging managers really appreciate photos of your dog enjoying her vacation. Please think to share some of those adorable doggy vacation moments with your hosts so they can add them to their “past guests” portfolio. They will treasure the thought and will remember you when you return.

Let us help you discover the joy and peace of mind of having your beloved dog travel with you on vacation.

Bon Voyage!

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