Situated in the Chyulu Hills, Ol Donyo Lodge sprawls across over 111,000 hectares of private land, strategically positioned between Kenya’s renowned Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks. Sculpted from ancient lava rock, a vestige of Kilimanjaro’s eruption 360,000 years ago, the property exudes a timeless aura that resonates deeply with its visitors. This enchanting lodge, nestled in the refreshing shade of the Chyulu Hills, is a truly sought-after safari destination.

A beautifully lit up outdoor deck with chairs with a moody, cloud-covered night sky above
A female guest enjoys breakfast in bed while admiring the gorgeous views surrounding ol Donyo Lodge

Awaken to the majestic sight of the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro and the distant echoes of lions roaring. Nestled on the Chyulu Hills’ slopes, the lodge masterfully merges contemporary aesthetics with traditional design. A stay here combines an unparalleled African experience with sustainability, as Ol Donyo Lodge is a champion of eco-friendly tourism. The lodge harmoniously collaborates with the local Maasai community, melding conservation efforts with benefits for local livelihoods.


Nestled in the heart of the African wilderness, the lodge boasts 8 private suites, each exuding an aura of luxury and intimate comfort. For families desiring a unified, opulent space, there’s the specially crafted 2-bedroom family suite.

Every suite at ol Donyo Lodge provides a unique portal to the essence of an East African adventure. Gazing out from each suite, one is greeted by sweeping plains leading the eye to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, with a personal plunge pool accentuating the view. With a total of eight suites and an additional two-bedroom family suite, guests are treated to the enchantment of star beds, enabling them to slumber under a twinkling sky while the distant calls of hyenas and lions serenade the night.


Reflecting a grand and luxurious style, the lodge is committed to ensuring every facet of the guest’s stay surpasses expectations. Particularly noteworthy is the horse riding experience. Tailored especially for those adept in the saddle, it presents a distinctive method to explore the Kenyan terrain.

Dining at the lodge offers a blend of flexibility and authenticity. Guests can indulge in communal dining or select a more intimate setting. Additionally, bush meals, set against the backdrop of the pristine wilderness, craft an unforgettable and genuine dining encounter.

24-hour Security


Eco Friendly

Kid’s Club


Laundry Service


Swimming Pool


Mosquito Nets

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The lodge’s safari experience stands out as truly unparalleled. Offering both day and night game drives, guests are presented with numerous opportunities to encounter a diverse range of wildlife. The majestic silhouette of Mount Kilimanjaro, looming in the backdrop, amplifies the enchantment of each journey.

Each safari promises a distinctive experience, thanks to the abundant presence of myriad animals. As a result, every expedition is fresh and exhilarating, ensuring no two safaris are the same.

A combination image of a bird of prey and a large herd of running giraffes


A group of guests head out on horseback for a riding safari

Riding Safari

Horseback and camel safaris blend exhilaration with nature with a unique perspective that camouflages riders, allowing intimate experiences with nature.


Two young lion cubs at play

Big Cats

Embark on a big cat safari from Ol Donyo Lodge to witness Africa’s most iconic predators roaming the Chyulu Hills.


A woman on safari with her high powered camera with a herd of zebra in the background

Photography Trips

Photography trips from Ol Donyo Lodge provide an exceptional opportunity to capture the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife with expert guidance to help you snap the perfect shot.


A group of guests embark on a walking safari with their knowledgable guide

Walking Safari

Walking safaris at Ol Donyo Lodge specialize in up-close encounters with Amboseli’s large elephant herds, guided by knowledgeable experts through the stunning Kenyan wilderness.


A guest enjoys a relaxing massage whilst on safari


A trip to the spa offers a tranquil break from your safari, providing guests with a range of soothing treatments.