Welcome to Tawi, a serene sanctuary nestled amidst lush gardens enriched with sparkling springs and shaded by the expansive Tortilis Acacia trees. Perfectly positioned within its private conservancy and amidst one of Kenya’s most bountiful wildlife regions, Tawi Lodge stands as a picturesque base from which to explore the Amboseli ecosystem, cradled by the gentle slopes of Kilimanjaro.

This recipient of eco accolades masterfully merges understated luxury with touches of elegance. Imbibed with a spirit of genuine warmth and an embrace of time-honored East African hospitality, Tawi roots itself deeply into the region’s rich heritage, ensuring every guest feels a profound sense of belonging.

Aerial view of Tawi Lodge with guests enjoying the deck


Tawi Lodge boasts 13 distinct guest cottages, flanking the central lodge structure, each offering a breathtaking view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. With a capacity to host up to 30 guests, every cottage is ensuite, equipped with a spacious wooden chest for secure storage of valuables, ample hanging storage, and a comforting fireplace. Notably, Cottage 7 is wheelchair-accessible, ensuring inclusivity for all guests.

Every gracefully rustic cottage boasts lavish amenities with breathtaking mountain vistas. They feature expansive bedrooms, personal decks, and en-suite bathrooms equipped with both a bathtub and a shower. The cottages are adorned with cozy 4-poster beds, ensuring a restful sanctuary for guests.


The swimming pool, adorned with sunbeds on wooden decks, offers a serene view of the waterhole. Guests can relax in the expansive main lounge, equipped with a fireplace and bar, or find solitude in a quaint upper deck lounge. The lodge also houses a charming gift shop, an indulgent spa offering an array of treatments—from massages to reflexology—and an inviting outdoor hot tub. The evening ambiance is further enhanced by an external central fireplace and bar, both overlooking the mesmerizing waterhole.

The culinary team draws inspiration from the vibrant hues and exotic flavors of East Africa. Utilizing fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, they craft innovative and palatable dishes. Imagine enjoying sumptuous candle-lit dinners, either by the cozy fireplace or under the vast canopy of stars, with the majestic Kilimanjaro setting a picturesque backdrop. At Tawi culinary creativity and consistent experimentation means that guests can enjoy unique dishes that cater to various dietary preferences.

Sustainability and freshness are paramount at Tawi Lodge, and all organic vegetables and greens are harvested fresh daily from the verdant lodge gardens. This commitment to freshness extends to the in-house preparation of yogurts, juices, breads, and even breakfast cereals.

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Embark on mesmerizing game-drives across the timeless landscapes of Amboseli, and indulge in sundowners with the majestic mountain in your gaze. With your seasoned Maasai guides, you can explore the Tawi Conservancy and the Amboseli National Park. Each game vehicle, open-sided for an unhindered view, is equipped with camera charging amenities. Guests also have the option of a thrilling night game drive.

Every Tawi guide is an expert, eager to impart their vast knowledge. Embark on guided bush walks, delving deep into the intricacies of nature—from the traditional uses of plants to recognizing animal tracks and signs. Tune into the symphony of birds, discover wildflowers, and engage with the world of insects.

Envision dining in the heart of the wild; whether it’s a bush breakfast or a dinner under the vast African sky, it’s an experience like no other. The bush kitchen crafts delectable meals as you immerse yourself in the ambient sounds and sights of nature—a cherished highlight of many safaris and a sublime way to conclude a day. Scenic spots throughout the conservancy offer breathtaking views of the sunset, its myriad colors painting the sky. With camp chairs arranged, a fire kindling, and drinks served chilled, enjoy this moment against the stunning backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

A combination image of a bird of prey and a large herd of running giraffes


A vehicle embarks on a night drive at sunset with hazy mountains in the background

Night Drives

Nighttime game drives at Tawi Lodge offer an enchanting exploration of the African wilderness under the stars, revealing elusive creatures and their nocturnal activities.


A group of guests embark on a walking safari with their knowledgable guide

Walking Safari

Walking safaris are an immersive and intimate journey into the Amboseli ecosystem, allowing you to explore the rich biodiversity and scenic beauty of the area.


A group of guests head out on horseback for a riding safari

Riding Safari

Camel rides from Tawi Lodge provide a unique and traditional way to explore the bush, offering a gentle and rhythmic journey through the stunning landscapes.