Nestled on the fringes of the enchanting Samburu wilderness, Sarara is a haven of romance and luxury. Situated in the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, which spans a vast 850,000 acres, guests staying in this untouched expanse in the Mathews mountain range is not only a sanctuary for wildlife but also the ancestral home of the Samburu people. Their ancient traditions are deeply woven into the very essence of this land, as integral as the diverse wildlife that roams here.

Each meticulously designed tent is strategically situated, ensuring you wake up to panoramic views of the Mathews Range and the bustling waterhole, a hotspot for a diverse array of game, including the largest herd of endangered Reticulated Giraffe and over 5,000 elephants, one of the largest such populations in Kenya.


Sarara is split into three distinct lodges, each offering their own unique features. The Sarara Camp features 6 indulgent and spacious tents graced with towering ceilings, each accompanied by private terraces equipped with cozy seating. Start your mornings with freshly brewed coffee or tea, served right at your tent, as the beauty of the mountains beckons you. Add an exquisite touch to your wilderness experience with the outdoor bathroom, which offers unrivaled vistas from the shower, complemented by an indoor toilet and sink for your convenience.


At the heart of Loisaba is its grand tented camp. With polished wooden floors underfoot and an elegant canvas roof overhead, the camp’s communal areas exude an air of sophistication. Delve into the intricately designed lounge adorned with artifacts, embracing a harmonious blend of neutral tones, vibrant splashes, and authentic African motifs.

The adjoining dining area, set against the breathtaking landscape, offers an unparalleled dining experience. Adjacent to these spaces, a deck and award-worthy infinity pool await, promising hours of relaxation as you immerse yourself in the beauty below.

Dining at Loisaba is a culinary journey, marked by exceptional food and drink choices. Be it families or couples, the camp ensures every guest feels right at home.




In-Room Safe

24-hour Security

Tea & Coffee Making Facilities

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Guests at Sarara are treated to two game drives each day, one in the early morning and another in the late afternoon/early evening, ensuring optimal viewing. The camp itself is an immersive gateway to nature, with footpaths and its central waterhole—gracing the front of the main dining area—as frequent haunts of diverse wildlife. Regular encounters with majestic elephants, the unique reticulated giraffe, elusive leopard, buffalo, kudu, impala, wild dog, and an array of bird species make each day a new adventure for guests.

Owing to commendable community conservation initiatives spanning three decades, the Namunyak Community Conservancy stands as a sanctuary for flourishing wildlife. Elephants, giraffes, leopards, and several other species are increasingly calling it home. Specifically, the conservancy is renowned for hosting the second-largest population of elephants in Kenya, alongside more than 450 reticulated giraffes, the rare Grévy Zebra, and the captivating gerenuk. Amid this rich biodiversity, Reteti House stands as a vantage point for nature enthusiasts. Nestled against dramatic cliffs that house Egyptian vultures, klipspringers, and resident leopards, it offers an unparalleled lens into the pulsating heart of northern Kenya’s wilderness.

A combination image of a bird of prey and a large herd of running giraffes


A serene leopard rests and gazes intensely into the distance

Big 5 adventure

All of the Big 5 can be found while staying at Sarara; the area is home one of the country’s largest herds of elephants.


A safari vehicle heading out for a night drive with a hazy mountain backdrop

Night Drives

Nighttime game drives reveal the enchanting and elusive glimpse into the vibrant nightlife of the bush, creating a captivating and memorable safari experience.


Two young lion cubs at play

Big Cats

The thrill of spotting big cats – from the graceful movements of leopards to the powerful presence of lions and the elusive charm of cheetahs – is an exhilarating highlight.


A magnificent kingfisher perched gracefully on a branch


Birdwatching at Sarara offers a spectacular experience, where enthusiasts can observe a rich variety of bird species.


A guest listens attentively during a cultural tour

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours offer a deep dive into Samburu tribal culture, providing insights into their rich traditions and customs, whilst bringing visitors face-to-face with the community’s vibrant heritage.


Fly Camping

Fly camping allows guests to experience a deeper connection with the environment, providing an authentic and memorable outdoor experience.


Helicopter Trips

Helicopter trips from Sarara offer an extraordinary aerial adventure, soaring over breathtaking landscapes and providing a unique perspective of the diverse ecosystems.


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