A unique and iconic safari lodge situated in the untouched Kalama Community Conservancy. In addition to being steeped in local culture and tradition, Saruni Samburu is a true off-the-grid wilderness experience.

The only lodge of its kind in the Conservancy, Saruni Samburu features 6 luxury eco-villas, as well as the central Kudu House, and offers guests the chance to experience the gorgeous surroundings of Samburuland and Mount Kenya.

Wide angle image of a cottage nestled in the natural surroundings of Samburu


All of the lodge’s eco-villas are perfectly suited to any vacationer, whether you and your partner are traveling with children, as part of a group trip with some of your best friends, or simply journeying as a couple or solo.

Each villa is uniquely designed, and features a private lounge area and veranda, perfect for views of the Kalama Community Conservancy, as well an indoor and an outdoor shower, plus a bathtub.


Other on-site amenities include fully stocked fridges, fans and organic Kenyan-made toiletries. The lodge itself boasts an internationally accredited Wellbeing Space, where guests can unwind with a relaxing spa treatment, free Wi-Fi in all common areas, as well as an Italian-themed dining experience.





Mosquito Nets

In-Room Safe

24-hour Security

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Saruni Samburu offers the chance for guests to enjoy game drives, with morning drives setting off before the sun starts to rise as well as evening drives to maximize the time the animals are most active. Uniquely, Saruni also provides the option for a night drive which gives a one-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of the magnificent nocturnal animals that reside in the conservancy.

Each drive takes place inside comfortable, fully-open Range Rovers that have been specifically designed to maximize visibility, and guided by a knowledge set of one guide and one tracker who will alert you to and explain the surrounding wildlife.

A combination image of a bird of prey and a large herd of running giraffes


A vehicle embarks on a night drive at sunset with hazy mountains in the background

Night Drives

Nighttime game drives from Saruni Samburu unveil the hidden nocturnal world of the Kenyan wilderness, offering the chance to witness the elusive behaviors of creatures under starlit skies.


A serene leopard rests and gazes intensely into the distance

Big Cats

At Saruni Samburu, guests are treated to extraordinary sightings of big cats, including majestic lions, elusive leopards, and swift cheetahs, all thriving in their natural habitat.


A group of guests embark on a walking safari with their knowledgable guide

Walking Safari

Walking through the African savannah provides an intimate connection with nature, where every plant, flower, tree, and animal track becomes a vivid element of the safari.


A woman on safari with her high powered camera with a herd of zebra in the background

Photography Trips

Saruni Samburu offers guests the opportunity to capture the surrounding wildlife on film from its photography hide and by the watering hole.


A male lion sits pensively as a group of guests observe from their safari vehicle

The Big 5

Witness Africa’s most instantly recognizable, regal creatures – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant – in their natural habitats, for the ultimate tick off of your bucket list.


A pair of knowledgeable local guides discuss the local culture and traditions

Cultural Tours

Witness an authentic and immersive experience into the vibrant culture of the Samburu people, and find out how their ancient customs and traditions continue to survive and thrive.