Kwazulu Natal


Located on South Africa’s East coast, this province integrates opulence with natural splendor and cultural richness. Exclusive game reserves offer unparalleled safari experiences, showcasing the Big Five in their natural habitat, while luxurious beach resorts dot the pristine coastal areas, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication. Dive into the rich Zulu heritage through guided tours and traditional ceremonies. For the adventurous, activities like hot air ballooning and helicopter tours are available. The majestic Drakensberg Mountains also provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor pursuits, while the historic battlefields and colonial-era architecture offer a glimpse into the region’s past. A rich culinary tradition, with a heavy Indian influence, will also delight those with a taste for the unique. Rejuvenate at world-class spa retreats amidst picturesque settings. KwaZulu-Natal promises an unforgettable blend of wildlife, culture, adventure, and relaxation for any traveler.


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Ideal for families, featuring three Family Cottages, a Family Suite, and a WILDchild program filled with entertaining activities.


Game Drives

Bush Walking

Impact Experiences

Community Experiences

Surrounded by the enchanting sand forest, this lodge is a pioneer in eco-friendly hospitality.


Unique Sand Forest

Engaging Family Safaris


Impact Initiatives

Community Experiences

Nine self-contained suites, all designed in a circular style inspired by the Zulu culture for privacy without isolation.


Candle-Lit Bush Dinner

Early Morning Game Drives

Low-Risk Malaria Area

Zulu Culture

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Scaling The Dragon

The Drakensberg range boasts Southern Africa’s tallest mountain peak, approximately 3,500 meters above sea level, and showcases an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 ancient bushman rock paintings.

‘Hole In The Wall’

Thompson Bay, located on the North coast, harbors a secluded ancient cavity nestled within its rocks. This picturesque location boasts an array of rock pools adorned with vibrant tropical coral on the ocean floor. Additionally, the bay features a sizable tidal pool, characterized by its crystal-clear waters and gentle sea breeze, creating an idyllic atmosphere, particularly on a flawless summer day.

A Fin-Tastic Adventure

The Sardine Run marks a seasonal phenomenon of fish and predators migrating along the KZN coastline in June and July. This spectacle is distinguished by vast shoals of sardines, accompanied by sharks and various marine species, making their way near the shore. Fishermen and netters eagerly anticipate this event, ready to seize their catch.

Taking a Deep Dive

KwaZulu-Natal is the site of the Aliwal Shoal, situated just off the coast. Renowned among divers worldwide, the shoal is celebrated for its exceptional diving opportunities and teems with marine biodiversity, including ragged-tooth sharks, mantas, moray eels and stingrays.


The Big 5

Encounter lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos in their natural habitat, delving deep into the heart of wild beauty and adventure.


Ocean Adventures

Explore a plethora of marine encounters, from turtle nesting adventures to ocean safaris, snorkeling, and scuba diving.


Wildlife Conservation

Depending on availability, you could participate in either rhino notching or de-horning activities.


Walking Safari

Witness a variety of plains game from a secure distance and marvel at the reserve’s smaller inhabitants.


Night Drives

At dusk, the bush unveils its true character, where you can observe nocturnal animals like bushbabies and genets performing their nightly rituals.


Cultural Tours

Apart from community visits, local Zulu villagers offer guests chances to engage in their daily lives, routines, and traditional rituals, fostering immersive experiences.


Bird Watching

Embark on a journey to spot more than 435 bird species with a specialist guide in a private vehicle.


Photography Tours

Capture the awe-inspiring Big 5 or the breathtaking landscapes of Kwazulu, renowned as one of Africa’s most picturesque settings.


Private Cruise

Discover meticulously curated cruise itineraries and exclusive yacht charters to breathtaking destinations.



Discover the rare Sand Forest on E-bikes for an immersive adventure, effortlessly navigating dense vegetation and sandy trails.