Madikwe Game Reserve offers an exclusive safari experience amidst diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife, while its luxurious lodges offer first-class amenities such as private plunge pools and personalized services. Home to the Big Five, Madikwe ensures memorable sightings during guided game drives in open 4×4 vehicles led by experienced rangers. With low tourist density, guests enjoy an intimate experience immersed in the reserve’s natural beauty. As a malaria-free reserve, Madikwe is an extremely safe destination for visitors, and its varied landscapes offer excellent photography opportunities capturing wildlife in their habitats. Gourmet dining options blend local flavors with international cuisine, elevating the overall experience. The reserve prioritizes wildlife conservation, and guests can support eco-friendly lodges involved in conservation projects. Madikwe caters to luxury travelers seeking upscale accommodations, exceptional wildlife encounters, and a commitment to conservation, making it an ideal destination for a high-end African safari adventure.


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Unparalleled wildlife encounters, distinctive luxury accommodations, and impeccable service.


Conservation Efforts

Starbed Suites


Luxurious family-friendly accommodations with stunning views of the Madikwe Game Reserve.


Big 5

Game Drives

Meals in the Bush



An exclusive private safari villa that offers luxury accommodation and personalized service.


Wild Dog Tracking

Rhino Tagging


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Unique Creatures in their Natural Habitat

Madikwe boasts unique characteristics seldom found in other game reserves, such as the rare brown Hyena. Another distinctive feature is the presence of Gemsbok. Additionally, this reserve is home to two sought-after and uncommon antelope species: Eland and Sable.

A Truly Authentic Experience

Madikwe is swiftly emerging as the go-to reserve for those in the loop when visiting South Africa. Situated right on the border of Botswana, it has been meticulously managed and preserved, offering one of the finest Big 5 experiences in South Africa.

A Special Location

A key feature of Madikwe is its diverse terrain, with an abundant variety of plant, bird, and animal life. Situated on the fringe of the arid Kalahari region, yet benefiting from relatively high rainfall, Madikwe is somewhat unique in hosting both dry area and moist area species within a single reserve.


This is a notable draw as Madikwe, being malaria-free, ensures visitors are free from the serious risks posed by malaria, which can lead to fatal consequences if not swiftly identified and treated.


The Big 5

The “Big Five” refers to the five African species – African elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and rhino – historically deemed the most challenging for early big game hunters to pursue.


Super 7 by Night

With advanced torches, you can peer into the nocturnal world of lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, rhinoceroses, wild dogs, and cheetahs, offering a rare glimpse into their activities.


Wild Dog Expedition

Embark on an early morning expedition to track down the Madikwe wild dog pack, the second most endangered carnivore in Africa following the Ethiopian wolf.


Wildlife Conservation

Join vet and ecologist on the ground or in a helicopter. Witness and assist in tasks like rhino notching, microchipping, and collaring for data tracking.


Bird Watching

Madikwe boasts over 350 recorded bird species, thriving amidst its diverse array of trees and wild grasses, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.


Walking Safari

Embark on walking safaris for an authentic, immersive experience in nature, drawing you nearer to wildlife and humanity’s primal roots.


Photography Trips

Tailored for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned wildlife professionals aiming to capture unforgettable moments.



Indulge in rejuvenating spa therapy with Madikwe Safari Lodge’s qualified therapists amidst the stunning surroundings of Madikwe Game Reserve.


Kids Activities

Children can engage in animal tracking, conservation education, and fun activities such as pizza making and games, nurturing a passion for nature.