A family exploring Beaver Creek Resort while on a ski vacation

The Ultimate Luxury Skiing Destination

Discover Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek Resort offers an exclusive, world-class skiing experience in the Rocky Mountains. As a premier luxury ski destination in the US, Beaver Creek is renowned for its exceptional service, pristine slopes, and a perfect blend of alpine adventure and relaxation.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the resort in detail, covering everything from its wide variety of exhilarating ski runs and convenient lift systems, to on-site amenities, rich history, and distinctive dining options. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-time visitor, our detailed guide will provide all the information you need to plan an unforgettable trip to Beaver Creek Resort.

Skiers of various levels enjoying different Beaver Creek ski runs

From Beginner Slopes to Advanced Challenges

The Diverse Ski Runs of Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort is famous for its range of ski runs, offering an exceptional experience for both novice and seasoned skiers. With 150 trails spanning over 1,800 skiable acres, the resort caters to all guests no matter your experience level.

Beginners and first-timers can build confidence on the gentle, groomed runs near the Haymeadow Express Gondola, whilst intermediate skiers can enjoy trails like Red Tail and Latigo, which offer a mix of challenging terrain and stunning mountain views. Meanwhile, expert-level skiers can test their mettle on the famous Birds of Prey section of Beaver Creek mountain, which has played host to the downhill skiing World Cup, and is known for its steep, demanding descents.

For those who prefer off-piste skiing, the glades, such as Thresher Glade, provide an unique and exhilarating adventure, but these runs are only suitable for advanced skiers and should be attempted under appropriate weather conditions. Finally, Beaver Creek’s newest ski area, McCoy Park, is now home to over 250 skiable acres and is serviced by 2 chairlifts.

A group of kiers riding the chair lift, with snow falling in the background

Ascend with Ease

Gondolas & Lift Systems at Beaver Creek Resort

Getting around the various ski runs at Beaver Creek Resort is easy due its extensive network of high-speed lifts. The resort is home to 24 lifts in total, including the iconic Centennial Lift, a combination lift with chairs and gondolas located at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain, offering a relaxing ascent with breathtaking views.

The Haymeadow Express gondola is perfect for quickly reaching the heart of Beaver Creek Village, while the Strawberry Park Express provides convenient access to Bachelor Gulch Village from lower Beaver Creek Village. The Arrow Bahn Express serves as the gateway to the slopes from the peaceful Arrowhead area.

The lift systems offer more than just convenience and efficiency; they provide a unique opportunity to experience the stunning mountain scenery from a different perspective. Sit back, relax, and let Beaver Creek’s lifts carry you to your next alpine adventure.

Skiers getting off Grouse Mountain Express lift on Beaver Creek's opening day, with a backdrop of trees

Winter’s Call

Beaver Creek Resort Opening Times

The winter operating schedule at Beaver Creek ensures that guests consistently make the most of this magical season. The resort usually opens for the winter season in late November, aligning with Beaver Creek’s Opening Day festivities, and continues into April, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the slopes.

Most days, the lifts start running at 8:30 AM, perfect for early morning rides down the mountain. They typically close around 4 PM, though times may vary based on weather conditions and daylight hours. Be sure to check the daily schedule provided by the resort to stay updated on operational hours.

Shuttle bus in front of Beaver Creek Resort, ready to transport guests

Easy Access

Transportation to Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek Resort is easily accessible from several major cities and transportation hubs. Denver, Colorado’s capital, is just over two hours away by road, making it an ideal starting point for your journey.

Several shuttle services offer comfortable transportation from Denver to Beaver Creek, making travel an enjoyable part of your vacation. Epic Mountain Express, for example, provides reliable and regular shuttle services from Denver International Airport directly to the resort.

For those flying in, Eagle County Regional Airport is the closest to the resort, located about 30-45 minutes away. It offers several direct flights from major US cities during the winter season, with shuttle services available from the airport to Beaver Creek.

Once at the resort, the free Village Connect shuttle service operates between Beaver Creek Village, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead Village. Guests can download a free app, which they can then use to see live locations of the various shuttles, reserve a place for their own ride and track their driver’s progress.

A group of skiers of different ages with instructors at Beaver Creek Ski School

Learn and Improve

Ski & Snowboarding Schools at Beaver Creek

Both first-time skiers and seasoned veterans have plenty of options available at Beaver Creek’s Ski & Snowboarding School. The expert, experienced team of instructors are dedicated to making your time on the slopes safe, fun, and educational.

The Ski School also offers specialized private lessons for personalized instruction, as well as group lessons that allow you to learn with a group of friends or family, plus specialty programs to master specific techniques or styles. Private lessons also extend to young skiers and snowboarders, making it easy for families to learn together.

Sweeping view of Beaver Creek's snowy slopes, showcasing the resort's impressive elevation

Mountain Majesty

Beaver Creek’s Key Elevation Stats

Understanding the mountain’s statistics, for example the Beaver Creek elevation, can greatly enhance your skiing experience. The resort’s highest point reaches 11,440 feet, offering stunning panoramic views of the Rockies. The base elevation is at 8,100 feet, providing an ideal starting point for your alpine adventure. We therefore always recommend taking precautions against altitude sickness, and remind guests to always consume plenty of water.

Beaver Creek also boasts a vertical rise of 3,340 feet, which is a thrilling ride down the mountain for the more experienced skiers among you. The resort’s longest run is Centennial which spans 2.75 miles, offering a more languid and serene descent by comparison.

Beaver Creek Ski Patrol team alongside their patrol dog

Ensuring Safety

Beaver Creek’s Comprehensive Safety Measures

At Beaver Creek Resort, guest safety is a top priority. Comprehensive safety measures and an experienced ski patrol team ensure that your time on the mountain is both enjoyable and secure.

Beaver Creek’s Ski Patrol is always available to respond to emergencies and provide first aid when needed. They maintain safe conditions on the mountain by conducting regular avalanche prevention and control measures, as well as marking slopes and danger zones.

All ski runs are clearly marked according to difficulty and direction, helping skiers and snowboarders navigate the resort safely. Safety measures, guidelines, and protocols are provided to all guests, ensuring everyone can enjoy their alpine adventure responsibly.

A family trying on ski boots at a Beaver Creek equipment rental shop

Gear Up

Equipment Rentals at Beaver Creek Resort

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, having the right gear is a vital part of your skiing or snowboarding experience. Beaver Creek Resort, and the surrounding areas, is home to several high-quality equipment rental shops to ensure you have everything you need for the slopes.

Shops like Beaver Creek Sports and Christy Sports offer a wide selection of gear for all ages and abilities, including skis, snowboards, helmets, and boots. Many of these stores also provide the convenience of online booking, so your gear is ready and waiting when you arrive.

For the ultimate convenience, Ski Butlers will deliver any and all of their top-of-the-line equipment directly to your accommodation, whilst also offering personalized fittings and support throughout your rental experience.

A skier having their ski passes scanned at the lift entrance

Accessing the Slopes

Ski Pass Options at Beaver Creek

Choosing the right ski pass is another important aspect of your vacation planning for a trip to Beaver Creek. Whether you’re spending a single day on the slopes or coming and going throughout the season, a variety of ski pass options are on offer potentially to meet your needs.

Beaver Creek is included as the Epic Pass, which offers unlimited and unrestricted skiing at not only Beaver Creek, but also other world-class ski resorts within the US, Canada and overseas. The Epic Pass, which is available for purchase online, is an excellent option for those planning either multiple ski trips in a season, or who are visiting for an extended stay at Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek also offers its own single day lift tickets and multi-day passes, both of which provide short-term access, while their season pass offers unlimited skiing throughout the winter. Discounts are available at certain times of year for families, groups, students, and seniors to make skiing at Beaver Creek accessible for everyone. Be sure to speak to our Personal Travel Designers when making your reservation, as they will be able to advise you on the best ski pass to suit your needs.

Heavy snowfall during a snowstorm at Beaver Creek Resort

Current and Predicted

Snow Conditions & Weather Forecast at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort provides regular updates on snow conditions and weather forecasts, keeping you informed and prepared for your time on the slopes. These updates are available on the resort’s official website and are typically refreshed multiple times a day.

To supplement the snowfall, the resort also features an extensive snowmaking system that covers over 600 acres of its skiable terrain, ensuring consistent snow coverage throughout the season.

Generally speaking, the Beaver Creek weather during the ski season typically varies between bluebird sunny days and very heavy snowfall. The resort typically receives over 300 inches of snowfall annually, ensuring a consistent blanket of fresh snow on its slopes. However, temperatures and conditions can vary, particularly at certain times of year, so it’s always a good idea to check the Beaver Creek Snow Report for the latest updates, as well as the Beaver Creek webcam for a visual representation of the overnight snowfall.

During the summer months, Beaver Creek experiences warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, making it an idyllic escape, especially from the brutal heat of States like Texas and Florida. As the Fall season approaches, the natural landscape changes from verdant green to transfixing golds and reds, making it an underrated but exceptional time to visit.

Snowboarder performing a trick on a jump in Beaver Creek’s Terrain Park

Playgrounds on Snow

Beaver Creek’s Terrain Parks

If you’re looking for a thrilling variety of jumps, rails, and halfpipes, Beaver Creek Resort’s terrain parks are the place to be. These specialized areas allow snowboarders and skiers to push their skills in a controlled and safe environment.

Beaver Creek boasts four terrain parks: The Rodeo, Park 101, The Lumber Yard, and The Zoom Room. Additionally, the resort features the Half Barrel half pipe for those looking to catch some air and perform tricks.

The Rodeo is perfect for advanced skiers and riders, offering larger features and more challenging setups. Park 101 is a great starting point for those new to freestyle skiing or snowboarding. The Lumber Yard and The Zoom Room provide a variety of features designed for progression, catering to beginners, intermediates, and experts alike.

And please remember that staying safe in the terrain parks is extremely important. Always start small and gradually work your way up to more advanced features. Make sure to wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, and follow all posted signs and guidelines. Finally, remember to respect other park users by waiting your turn and giving plenty of space to those ahead of you.

Guests enjoying fresh-baked cookies during Beaver Creek's Cookie Time

Alpine Gastronomy

On-Mountain Dining at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek restaurants are renowned for offering a broad range that cater to a variety of tastes. From quick bites to fine-dining and everything in between, the resort offers numerous dining options to refuel and relax during your day on the slopes.

For a warm and hearty lunch, The Beaver Creek Chophouse specializes in steak and cocktails, and is the perfect dinner option to recharge after a long day on the mountain. To grab a bite during your ski day, why not visit Spruce Saddle Lodge, located at the top of the Centennial Express Lift, which provides breathtaking mountain views along with a number of food outlets to choose from.

If you’re looking for a quick sweet snack, don’t miss out on Beaver Creek’s signature Cookie Time. Every afternoon, chefs serve fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at the base of the mountain, a beloved tradition for visitors of all ages.

An adaptive skier and instructor on the slopes of Beaver Creek Resort

Inclusive Adventures

Accessibility at Beaver Creek Resort

Beaver Creek Resort is dedicated to ensuring that all guests, regardless of ability, can enjoy the mountains. The resort provides a variety of services and facilities to accommodate guests with disabilities, making for an accessible and enjoyable alpine getaway.

The Adaptive Ski Program is tailored for individuals with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. Expert instructors use specialized equipment and teaching methods to help guests with disabilities learn to ski or snowboard.

Additionally, the resort’s facilities, including lifts, restrooms, and transportation services, are designed to be accessible to everyone. Accessible parking and accommodation options are also available within the resort to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests.

A panoramic view of the natural beauty of Beaver Creek showing the lush vegetation

Respect for Nature

Sustainability Practices at Beaver Creek Resort

In addition to being a world-class ski destination, Beaver Creek is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, as best as possible, through various sustainability practices, ensuring the mountain can be enjoyed for generations to come.

This is evident in its waste management efforts, energy-efficient operations, and wildlife conservation initiatives. Beaver Creek reduces energy usage through innovative measures, including efficient snowmaking and grooming operations, the use of renewable energy sources, and the installation of energy-saving equipment in resort buildings.

The resort also actively participates in local wildlife conservation efforts. These include maintaining wildlife corridors, engaging in habitat restoration projects, and implementing policies to minimize disturbances to the local environment.

Historical photo of some of guests visiting Beaver Creek Resort in the early days of its operation

A Peek Into The Past

Beaver Creek Resort’s History and Culture

Beaver Creek is steeped in a rich history that has shaped it into the world-class destination it is today. Since its opening in the 1980-1981 ski season, the resort has earned a reputation for offering an unparalleled ski experience, from its impeccably groomed runs to its exceptional guest service.

The resort’s design and architecture draw inspiration from Swiss alpine villages, giving Beaver Creek a distinctive European charm. This, combined with Colorado’s cowboy heritage and the warmth of its people, creates a unique cultural blend that makes every visit memorable.

From its beginnings as a potential Olympic venue to hosting prestigious events like the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships, Beaver Creek Resort’s history is as exciting and dynamic as its slopes.

Crowd enjoying a music festival in Beaver Creek during the summer

Save the Date

Special Events and Competitions at Beaver Creek

From thrilling ski competitions to vibrant summer festivals, Beaver Creek Resort is buzzing with excitement year-round. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a culture lover, there’s always something happening at the resort to make your stay even more memorable.

In winter, the resort hosts world-class ski and snowboarding events, including annual stops on the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup tour. Spring Break brings a festive atmosphere with family-friendly activities and live music.

The excitement continues when the snow melts. Beaver Creek’s summer calendar features events like the 4th of July fireworks and the popular Beaver Creek Oktoberfest. With live music, traditional German food and drinks, and a variety of activities for kids, it’s an event not to be missed.

Visitors utilizing the lockers at Beaver Creek Resort

More Than Just Slopes

Mountain Services & Facilities at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Resort offers a wide range of amenities and services to ensure your stay is comfortable and convenient. From well-maintained restrooms and secure lockers to a fully-equipped medical center, the resort caters to all your needs.

The Beaver Creek Children’s Center provides expert childcare services, allowing parents to enjoy the slopes knowing their children are in safe hands. For those who need to stay connected, free Wi-Fi is available in many public areas across the resort.

The resort also features a variety of retail shops where you can find everything from ski gear and souvenirs to luxury items.

Navigate Like a Pro

Understanding the Beaver Creek Resort Map

Whether it’s your first time at Beaver Creek Resort or you’re a returning visitor, understanding the resort map is crucial to making the most of your time on the slopes. The map, available in both digital and physical formats, details the layout of ski runs, lifts, terrain parks, and key facilities.

Each ski run and lift is clearly marked, with colors indicating difficulty levels: green for beginner, blue for intermediate, and black for advanced. Lifts are represented by straight lines with circles, and ski runs are shown as curved lines. There is also a separate map for finding the various meeting points for the Ski School in Beaver Creek Village.

Beaver Creek also provides a summer-version of the map, with all of the best hiking and mountain biking trails clearly marked so that guests can explore the mountain, and see the resort from a totally new perspective.

In addition to physical maps available at the resort, Beaver Creek Resort offers a digital interactive trail map on its website. This online version provides real-time information on which lifts and runs are currently open.

Experience the Extraordinary at Beaver Creek Resort

In addition to being a world-class ski resort, Beaver Creek Resort is a destination that caters to every aspect of a perfect vacation to the mountains, no matter what time you choose to visit. With diverse ski runs, state-of-the-art lift systems, renowned Ski School, delicious dining options, and year-round events, Beaver Creek has something for everyone. It’s not just a resort—it’s a lifestyle of comfort, adventure, and unique experiences.

So why wait? Plan your visit now to experience the luxury, thrill, serenity, and extraordinary hospitality of Beaver Creek Resort. A world of unforgettable experiences awaits you.