A skier zooms down the mountain at Deer Valley.

Deer Valley Lift Tickets – The Ultimate Guide to Lift Tickets and Ikon Pass Options

Deer Valley is renowned for its world-class skiing and luxury amenities. As one of the top luxury ski resorts in the United States, the resort offers a variety of lift ticket and pass options to suit every skier’s needs. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended stay, choosing the right ticket can enhance your experience on the mountain. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of all available lift tickets and Ikon Pass options at Deer Valley throughout the year, helping you make the best choice for whenever you choose to visit.

Winter Lift Tickets and Ikon Passes

A single skier carries a pair of skis on his shoulders as he begins his day on the slopes.

Unlimited Access to Deer Valley

Ikon Pass

The Ikon Pass is a top choice for dedicated skiers planning to visit over 40 resorts throughout the season, including Deer Valley. This pass provides unlimited access to the resort, and allows you to enjoy its pristine slopes whenever you like.

With no blackout dates, you can ski whenever you want without any restrictions. The Ikon Pass is therefore of excellent value and flexibility, making it ideal for those who want to explore various mountains without worrying about additional lift ticket costs.

A female skier glides through fresh powder along a tree-lined slope at Deer Valley.

Affordable Access with Some Blackout Dates

Ikon Base Plus Pass

The Ikon Base Plus Pass offers many of the same benefits as the full Ikon Pass, but at a lower price point. This pass provides access to the resort, but with some blackout dates during peak periods.

The main advantage of the Ikon Base Plus Pass is its affordability while still offering extensive access to top ski areas, including Deer Valley.

The Deer Valley Season Pass is ideal for those who want unlimited access to Deer Valley Resort throughout the entire ski season. The pass allows you to enjoy the resort's meticulously groomed slopes and premium amenities without any blackout dates. As a season pass holder, you'll also receive exclusive perks, such as discounted lodging, dining, and retail purchases within the resort. The Deer Valley Season Pass is perfect for frequent visitors who want to make the most of their time on the mountain and enjoy a truly luxurious skiing experience.

Unlimited Access with Exclusive Perks

Deer Valley Season Pass

For those whose time on the slopes is precious, the Epic Day Pass offers a flexible option to experience the best of Beaver Creek. Choose from 1 to 7 days of skiing or snowboarding across the season, offering the perfect balance of exhilaration and rest during your stay.

The Epic Day Pass brings the luxury of Beaver Creek to those who need a more customizable skiing experience. You decide the number of days, allowing you to align your time on the mountain with your travel plans, weather conditions, and personal energy levels. This pass is an excellent choice for weekend getaways or short vacation breaks.

A pair of experienced skiers enjoy a beautiful blue-sky day at Deer Valley.

Flexible Midweek Skiing at Reduced Cost

Deer Valley Midweek Season Pass

The Deer Valley Midweek Season Pass offers skiers the opportunity to enjoy the resort’s slopes from Monday through Friday, excluding during the peak holiday periods. This particular pass is ideal for guests with flexible schedules and who prefer skiing during quieter times to the crowds at the weekend.

With the Midweek Season Pass, you can experience Deer Valley to the fullest at a reduced cost compared to the Season Pass, making it ideal for locals or those who can take advantage of midweek skiing to enjoy a more exclusive experience.

A single female skier expertly turns down the slopes on a sunny day at Deer Valley.

Full Day Access Without Long-Term Commitment

Single Day Lift Ticket

The Single Day Lift Ticket is ideal for those looking to enjoy a day’s skiing without any long-term commitment. The ticket provides full access to the slopes and amenities for the day, allowing you to experience the resort’s exceptional skiing and luxury services.

Single Day Lift Tickets are flexible and can be purchased in advance online or at the resort, making them a convenient option for both locals and visitors planning a spontaneous ski trip.

Two skiers admire the view from atop the slopes before they begin their descent.

Cost-Effective Extended Skiing Experience

Multi Day Lift Ticket

The Multi Day Lift Ticket is an excellent option for those planning to spend several days at Deer Valley Resort. This ticket provides access to the resort’s slopes for consecutive days, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy extended skiing without purchasing individual day tickets. The Multi Day Lift Ticket allows you to immerse yourself in the full Deer Valley experience, taking advantage of the resort’s high-end amenities and beautifully groomed trails. It is ideal for vacationers who want to make the most of their time in the mountains and enjoy multiple days of world-class skiing.

A skier makes his way down the mountain with a spectacular, mountainous winter background.

Special Discounts for Military Personnel and Families

Military Tickets

Deer Valley Resort honors military personnel with specially priced Military Tickets. These are available to active-duty military members and their dependents, offering significant discounts on lift tickets.

Military Tickets allow military families to enjoy a memorable skiing experience at a reduced cost, and highlight Deer Valley’s continued commitment to supporting the nation’s servicemen and women.

A group of kids just starting out on the slopes under the guidance of a watchful instructor.

Beginner-Focused Access for Skill Development

Learning Area Tickets

The Learning Area Tickets are designed for beginner skiers who want to focus on developing their skills in a controlled environment.

These tickets provide access to designated learning areas and beginner slopes, where new skiers can practice and gain confidence, and ensures that beginners have a safe and supportive environment to start their skiing journey.

Summer Lift Tickets and Passes

A group of friends enjoy a scenic hike during the summer at Deer Valley.

Access to Breathtaking Vistas and Trails

Hiking and Scenic Lift Ticket

The Hiking and Scenic Lift Ticket at Deer Valley Resort provides access to the mountain’s breathtaking vistas and well-maintained trails during the summer months. This ticket allows hikers and sightseers to use the chairlifts to reach higher elevations, offering stunning views and easy access to various hiking routes.

It’s the perfect option for those looking to explore Deer Valley’s natural beauty without the effort of a strenuous climb. Enjoy panoramic views, lush landscapes, and the tranquility of the mountain, making for an unforgettable summer adventure.

A mother and father enjoy mountain biking around Deer Valley with their three children.

Exceptional Mountain Biking on Scenic Trails

Biking Lift Ticket

The Biking Lift Ticket at Deer Valley Resort is ideal for mountain biking enthusiasts who want to take advantage of the resort’s extensive network of trails. This ticket allows bikers to use the chairlifts to access higher elevations and explore a variety of trails that cater to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Deer Valley’s mountain biking trails are renowned for their scenic beauty, offering a thrilling experience for riders. With a Biking Lift Ticket, you can spend the day riding and enjoying the stunning summer landscapes without the need to pedal uphill.

A group of guests travel up the chair lift using their Summer Ikon Pass.

Unlimited Access to Summer Activities

Summer Season Ikon Pass

The Summer Season Ikon Pass at Deer Valley Resort offers unlimited access to the mountain’s summer activities, including hiking, scenic lift rides, and mountain biking. This pass is perfect for those who want to make the most of Deer Valley’s summer offerings, providing the flexibility to explore the resort’s trails and enjoy the beautiful alpine scenery throughout the entire summer season.

With the Summer Season Ikon Pass, you can experience all that Deer Valley has to offer during the warmer months, making it a great value for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Unforgettable Luxury Awaits in Deer Valley

Deer Valley Resort offers a wide variety of lift ticket and pass options to cater to every skier’s needs, from single-day visitors to those planning an entire season on the slopes. Whether you are a frequent skier, a military family, or a beginner looking to learn, Deer Valley has a ticket that will enhance your experience. For summer visitors, the resort’s hiking and biking tickets provide access to its stunning trails and breathtaking scenery.

Plan your visit to Deer Valley today to take advantage of these tailored ticket options and immerse yourself in the luxury and exceptional service that the resort is known for. Experience the renowned ski school and lesson offerings to make the most of your time on the mountain. Start planning your unforgettable Deer Valley adventure now!