A chef prepares a delicious dinner at one of Deer Valley’s many fine dining restaurants

An In-Depth Guide to Dining Options

Best Restaurants in Deer Valley

Deer Valley is home to a range of restaurants that cater to the tastes of all vacationers, from upscale mountain-top venues serving gourmet dishes to relaxed, family-friendly cafes. Deer Valley’s dining scene offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a meal to recharge after a day on the slopes or a quiet dinner with scenic views. Our guide will explore the best of Deer Valley’s dining establishments, making sure your meals are as memorable as your time on the mountains.

Fine Dining in Deer Valley

A perfectly cooked piece of meat at Goldener Hirsch Restaurant.

Alpine Elegance with a Blend of Local and International Flavors

Goldener Hirsch

Goldener Hirsch is a standout Deer Valley dining experience, blending Alpine elegance with a menu that reflects both local and international flavors. Located in the heart of the resort, it boasts a warm, inviting atmosphere with decor that pays homage to its Austrian roots. Patrons can expect to find a selection of finely crafted dishes, from traditional wiener schnitzel to innovative contemporary cuisine.

A steak is sizzling in a pan in the kitchen at Apex Restaurant in the Montage.

Luxurious Dining with Stunning Mountain Views

Apex at the Montage

Apex offers a luxurious experience and stunning mountain views. The restaurant can be found at the Montage Deer Valley, and provides a refined atmosphere where guests enjoy beautifully prepared dishes ranging from hearty breakfasts to sophisticated dinners. The menu showcases a blend of local ingredients and classic techniques, featuring options like succulent steaks and fresh seafood.

An expertly plated dish from the Cast and Cut restaurant in Deer Valley.

Modern Surf ‘n Turf with Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Cast and Cut

Cast and Cut presents a modern, unique take on the ‘surf ‘n turf’ concept, emphasizing high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients prepared with precision and flair. Guests can expect a menu that features expertly cooked meats and seafood dishes, as well as a number of vegetarian options. The contemporary ambiance, combined with attentive service, makes Cast and Cut an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet relaxed dining atmosphere.

Aromatics are being prepared for a meal cooked at the Mariposa in Deer Valley.

Renowned Fine Dining with Seasonal and Gourmet Dishes

The Mariposa

The Mariposa is one of Deer Valley’s most renowned fine dining experiences, with its romantic ambiance, making it a top choice for an elegant evening out. Located near the base of Silver Lake Lodge, this restaurant offers a carefully curated menu featuring seasonal and gourmet dishes, with a strong emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients. The Mariposa’s intimate setting and attention to detail in both service and cuisine ensure a dining experience that is both luxurious and personal.

A female diner enjoys a delightful dinner at Fireside Dining.

European-Inspired Meals Served Fireside

Fireside Dining

Fireside Dining at Deer Valley offers a unique and memorable dining experience, featuring European-inspired meals served from stone fireplaces in a cozy, alpine setting. This distinctive restaurant is known for its warmth and rustic charm, where guests can enjoy a leisurely dinner while watching chefs prepare dishes right before their eyes. The menu includes a variety of hearty options such as raclette cheese, leg of lamb, and roasted vegetables, all enhanced by the fireside cooking method, and is perfect for cold winter evenings.

A classic steak tartar at Rime - Deer Valley’s only slope-side raw bar.

Seafood Delights with Stunning Views


Rime is unique amongst on-mountain dining options, as it offers a fully stocked raw bar, not found at other ski resorts. Its stunning views complement its stunning seafood-driven menu, which features dishes like fresh oysters, lobster, and a variety of fish, all of which is sustainably sourced. The setting is elegant yet relaxed, allowing guests to enjoy their meals in a serene atmosphere after a day on the slopes. Rime’s commitment to quality and freshness, paired with its unique location and exceptional service, makes it a must-visit for seafood lovers looking for a sophisticated dining experience in Deer Valley.

A fish dish topped with caviar at Seafood Dining in Deer Valley.

Refined Seafood Experience with a Sophisticated Atmosphere

Seafood Dining

Seafood Dining at Deer Valley offers a refined culinary experience dedicated to high-quality fish, focusing on delivering fresh, flavorful dishes with expert care. Guests can indulge in a variety of options ranging from delicate sushi to robust fish entrees. The atmosphere at Seafood Dining is sophisticated yet inviting, making it a perfect place for a special dinner or a luxurious meal after a day on the mountains. With its commitment to excellence and a carefully selected wine list to complement the seafood, Seafood Dining ensures a memorable dining experience in the heart of Deer Valley.

A full spread of delicious food and wine at Glitretind Restaurant in Deer Valley.

Seasonal European-Inspired Dining

Glitretind Restaurant

Glitretind offers a luxurious dining experience with a focus on seasonal, high-quality ingredients, and can be found at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. The restaurant provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere that truly captures the essence of mountain luxury. The menu features a mix of American and European dishes, which is coupled with exceptional service and picturesque views of the surrounding mountains.

Casual Dining at Deer Valley

A beautifully prepared salad at 7880 Club in Deer Valley.

Dynamic Dining Ideal for Families and Groups

The 7880 Club

The 7880 Club at Deer Valley offers a dynamic dining experience ideal for families and groups looking for a blend of comfort and class. Situated in the heart of the resort, this restaurant serves a wide range of dishes that cater to all palates, featuring everything from casual burgers and pizzas to upscale entrees. The relaxed yet refined atmosphere allows guests to unwind and enjoy their meals in a setting that feels both upscale and inviting.

A delicious plate of bruschetta served at The Brass Tag in Deer Valley.

Cozy Brick Oven Cuisine in a Laid-Back Setting

The Brass Tag

The 7880 Club at Deer Valley offers a dynamic dining experience ideal for families and groups looking for a blend of comfort and class. Situated in the heart of the resort, this restaurant serves a wide range of dishes that cater to all palates, featuring everything from casual burgers and pizzas to upscale entrees. The relaxed yet refined atmosphere allows guests to unwind and enjoy their meals in a setting that feels both upscale and inviting.

A beautifully plated dish served at Deer Valley’ Empire Canyon Grill.

Hearty Comfort Food with Panoramic Views

Empire Canyon Grill

Known for its hearty, comfort food, Empire Canyon Grill is a favorite stop for skiers looking to refuel after a day on the slopes, and it’s convenient location on the mountain offers a relaxed atmosphere with delightful panoramic views. The menu features a variety of substantial dishes, including gourmet burgers, hearty soups, and filling salads, all designed to satisfy hunger and provide the energy needed for a day of skiing.

A delicious breakfast on offer at Fresh Tracks in Deer Valley.

Seasonal, Locally Sourced Casual Dining

Fresh Tracks

Fresh Tracks at Deer Valley offers a casual and inviting atmosphere where diners can enjoy locally sourced ingredients and a menu that changes with the seasons. Known for its friendly service and comfortable setting, this restaurant is a great spot for those who appreciate a meal crafted with care and attention to the local environment. The menu often includes light and healthy options, making it perfect for a post-ski meal that re-energizes without feeling too heavy.

A freshly baked pretzel from The Deer Valley Cafe.

Relaxed Spot for Quick Bites and Healthy Salads

The Deer Valley Cafe

The Deer Valley Cafe offers a relaxed and inviting spot for skiers and visitors to grab a quick bite. It’s the perfect setting for casual dining, providing a wide range of options from freshly baked pastries and sandwiches to hearty, healthy salads. The atmosphere is laid-back and friendly, ideal for families and groups wanting to unwind, and has a convenient location.

A deliciously prepared burger from Burgers & Bourbon in Deer Valley.

Gourmet Burgers Paired with Artisanal Bourbons

Burgers & Bourbon

Burgers & Bourbon at Deer Valley is a popular dining destination for those craving classic American comfort food. Renowned for its extensive selection of gourmet burgers, with each paired uniquely with artisanal bourbons that provides a unique dining experience. Burgers & Bourbon’s combination of delicious food, lively ambiance, and exceptional service makes it a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy a laid-back yet indulgent meal in Deer Valley.

Freshly prepared chicken tacos from Deer Valley’s Royal Street Cafe.

Casual Dining with a Touch of Sophistication

Royal Street Cafe

Royal Street Café combines casual dining with a touch of sophistication, offering a diverse menu that appeals to a variety of tastes. Situated within the Silver Lake Lodge, the café is known for its scenic deck dining during the summer and cozy indoor atmosphere in the winter. Guests can enjoy a range of dishes from gourmet salads and wraps to creative appetizers and entrees that feature fresh, local ingredients.

Two skiers enjoy a drink outside of Silver Lake Restaurant.

Family-Friendly Dining Mid-Mountain

Silver Lake Restaurant

Silver Lake Restaurant at Deer Valley provides a family-friendly dining atmosphere and is located mid-mountain, making it easily accessible for skiers. The menu features a variety of options from hearty breakfasts to nourishing lunches, all prepared with an emphasis on comfort and quality. Silver Lake’s welcoming environment and diverse offerings make it a popular choice for families looking for a meal that everyone can enjoy together.

A classic hot chocolate from Snowshoe Tommys in Deer Valley.

Rustic Charm While you Break from the Slopes

Snowshoe Tommy’s

Snowshoe Tommy’s at Deer Valley exudes a charming rustic feel, making it a delightful spot for casual dining with a historical twist. This quaint restaurant offers simple, satisfying meals that reflect the traditional mountain lodge style, from hearty soups and stews to freshly made sandwiches and baked goods. The decor features vintage ski equipment and old photos, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.

A portion of loaded fries at The Sticky Wicket in Deer Valley.

Lively Pub Fare with Creative Twists

The Sticky Wicket

The Sticky Wicket at Deer Valley offers a lively dining atmosphere with a menu that mixes traditional pub fare with innovative twists. Known for its creative dishes and vibrant setting, this restaurant is a favorite for those looking to enjoy a fun meal in a casual environment. Guests can sample everything from gourmet sliders and wings to unique appetizers and craft beers, all while enjoying the energetic ambiance.

Two skiers enjoy a takeaway meal outdoors from Deer Valley Etc.

Quick and Convenient Dining in the Heart of the Resort

Deer Valley Etc

Deer Valley Etc. is a great dining option right in the heart of the resort, offering a quick and convenient way to enjoy a variety of dishes. This spot is ideal for grabbing a fast bite before hitting the slopes or for a casual lunch break, with a menu that features sandwiches and salads, as well as snacks and beverages, all prepared with speed and efficiency in mind.

External view of Cushing’s Cabin during a glorious summer’s day.

Quaint, Cozy Mid-Ski Break Spot

Cushing’s Cabin

Cushing’s Cabin at Deer Valley offers a quaint and cozy dining experience, perfect for skiers looking for a warm place to rest and recharge. It can be found at the top of Flagstaff Mountain, and its rustic atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a mid-ski break. Cushing’s Cabin’s inviting ambiance and simple, satisfying fare provide a welcome respite from the cold, making it a beloved stop for those spending the day on the slopes.

A delicious slice of cake at the Deer Valley Bakery.

Warm and Welcoming Bakery with High-Quality Treats

Deer Valley Bakery

The Deer Valley Bakery is a warm, welcoming spot that offers a delightful array of baked goods and sweet treats. Known for its cozy atmosphere and friendly service, it serves everything from artisan breads and pastries to custom cakes and cookies, all made with high-quality ingredients.

A warm, soothing takeaway cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream from Daly Lift Coffee.

Essential Coffee Stop with Freshly Brewed Drinks and Pastries

Daly Lift Coffee

Daly Lift Coffee is an essential morning stop for skiers looking to kick-start their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a selection of pastries. This coffee shop is conveniently located, making it easy for guests to grab a quick breakfast or a warm drink before heading out.

An Epicurean Adventure Awaits at Deer Valley

Deer Valley’s dining scene offers an impressive range of options, from the upscale ambiance of fine dining establishments like Goldener Hirsch and The Mariposa to the casual comfort of The Brass Tag and Deer Valley Cafe.

We invite you to visit Deer Valley and experience the exceptional dining for yourself.