A ski instructor leads a small group of adults down the slopes at Deer Valley.

Elevate Your Skiing and Snowboarding Experience

Deer Valley Ski School

Welcome to our detailed guide to Deer Valley Ski School. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to sharpen your skills, Deer Valley offers a comprehensive range of programs tailored to every skill level. This guide will help you explore various options for both children and adults, ensuring you find the right fit for your winter sports needs.

From private lessons that provide personalized attention to group classes that foster a fun and collaborative learning environment, Deer Valley Ski School is equipped to enhance your skiing experience. Each section below will delve into the specifics of different school programs available, making it easy for you to plan your visit and maximize your time on the slopes.

Child’s Ski & Snowboarding School

An expert ski instructor leads a group taking part in the Teen Escape program.

Engaging and Supportive Ski Lessons for Teenagers

Teen Escape

The Teen Escape program at Deer Valley Ski School offers group ski lessons tailored specifically for teenagers that provides an engaging and supportive environment where young skiers can thrive. Each session is conducted by an experienced instructor and includes a small group of participants, ensuring personalized attention and ample opportunity for each teen to develop their skills.

Lessons last for several hours, offering a balance of instruction and practice time. The program not only focuses on improving skiing techniques but also promotes safety, mountain etiquette, and camaraderie among peers.

Two children smile alongside a group of mascots during the Adventure Program.

Fun and Safe Ski Lessons with Exciting Activities for Kids

Adventure Club

Led by passionate instructors, Adventure Club lessons are structured to provide personal instruction and close supervision for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience alongside their peers.

Children engage in a variety of activities, from scavenger hunts and fun races to obstacle courses, ensuring that their day is full of excitement. The experience is enriched with delightful breaks for hot cocoa and snow cone parties, making every moment enjoyable and memorable. The lessons are structured to last a few hours, allowing ample time for instruction and hands-on practice. Instructors in the Adventure Club are skilled at engaging children and fostering a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

A group of kids and their instructor wave as they take part in the Reindeer Club.

Personalized Instruction with Adventure and Fun for Young Skiers

Reindeer Club

Led by dedicated ski instructors, Reindeer Club lessons at Deer Valley are crafted to provide each child with personalized instruction and attentive supervision, ensuring they enjoy both learning and fun with their peers. The program includes visits to outdoor adventure features, where friendly animal mascots teach important ski safety tips in an engaging way.

Children will also participate in scavenger hunts, races, and obstacle courses, creating a day full of continuous excitement. To enhance their experience, the day includes enjoyable breaks for hot cocoa, making every moment memorable and fun.

A group ski down the mountain as part of the Bambi Club program at Deer Valley.

All-Day Ski School with Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Bambi Club

Bambi Club offers an all-day Ski School experience that blends both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day. Children participate in a ski lesson either in the morning or afternoon, grouped by their ability to ensure optimal learning. Indoor activities are diverse, including movement and music sessions, story time, art projects, and a provided lunch.

Additionally, ski and boot rentals are available at a discounted daily rate of $28 during the regular season and $30 during holiday and peak seasons. Please be aware that to join this program, children must be fully potty-trained.

A group of kids take part in the Fawn Club at Deer Valley with their experienced instructor.

Engaging Activities and Private Ski Lessons for Young Children

Fawn Club

The Fawn Club allows kids to engage in a range of fun and engaging activities at our state-licensed Children’s Center, which includes story time, art projects, and imaginative play on both indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Each child receives a one-hour private ski lesson with a dedicated instructor, and the rest of their day is spent enjoying indoor activities. To participate, children must be at least 3 years old and ready to ski with an instructor.

A ski instructor shows a young skier the basics on a wintery day in Deer Valley.

Multi-Week Clinics for Kids to Enhance Skiing Skills

Weekend Afternoon Specialty Program

The various weekend Afternoon Programs are a series multi-week clinics available on select Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the ski season, specifically tailored for children aged 3 to 12 years.

Spanning four consecutive weeks, these programs focus on enhancing children’s skiing skills in an enjoyable and educational setting. Participants must book in advance to secure a spot.

Adult Ski & Snowboard Lessons

An instructor demonstrates carving technique to a Max 4 group in Deer Valley.

Small-Group Lessons for Enhanced Learning and Comfort

Adult Group Ski Lessons

Deer Valley’s Max 4 ski lessons offer a unique alternative to traditional large-group lessons, providing a small-group setting that enhances comfort and learning efficiency. These popular lessons are designed to help both new and experienced skiers improve their skills through focused, constructive techniques. Skiers are grouped with others who have similar abilities, comfort levels, and learning objectives, ensuring a tailored experience.

Lessons are available in two sessions: the morning session runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and the afternoon session from 1 to 4 p.m. Advanced reservations are required for both.

A single adult skier takes part in a private lesson with an experienced instructor.

Customized One-on-One Ski Instruction

Adult Private Lessons

Deer Valley’s Private Ski Lessons offer a fully customizable skiing experience, tailored to your individual needs. With one-on-one instruction, your instructor will help refine your techniques in areas such as skiing in powder, carving turns, or navigating bumps. Whatever your skiing goals, a certified instructor will provide the guidance and tips necessary for you to progress at your own pace.

For those new to the sport, the resort offers an Intro to Skiing session, a one-hour introduction designed for one to two skiers who are just starting out. For more extensive training, the Morning, Afternoon, and Full-day lessons accommodate groups ranging from one to five skiers, allowing for a personalized approach regardless of the group size.

A female skier expertly navigates through fresh powder in Deer Valley.

Focused Three-Day Clinic Led by Professional Female Instructors

Women’s Three-Day Program

This three-day clinic, specifically designed for women ranging from Advanced Beginner to Advanced skill levels, is led by Deer Valley’s professional female ski instructors. Participants have an active role in setting the daily focus, ensuring that the clinic addresses their specific needs.

The program includes analysis of stance, balance, and alignment, video reviews to visually track progress, and opportunities to test out different equipment, enhancing both learning and performance.

Specialist Lessons

A skier zooms down the slopes as part of Deer Valley’s adaptive program.

Educational Adaptive Ski Lessons for Individuals with Disabilities

Adaptive Lessons

Deer Valley Resort has a longstanding partnership with the National Ability Center, jointly committed to offering enjoyable and educational adaptive ski lessons for individuals with disabilities.

Specially trained ski instructors are available at both the National Ability Center and the resort. Adaptive equipment and other necessary accommodations tailored to the skier’s needs are provided to ensure a supportive and enriching skiing experience.

Your Winter Wonderland Awaits at Deer Valley Ski School

Deer Valley’s Ski School is dedicated to providing an exceptional skiing experience for all, whether you are a beginner learning the basics or an experienced skier looking to refine your skills. With a range of programs tailored for children, adults, and individuals with disabilities, they ensure that everyone receives personalized attention in a fun and safe learning environment.

Whether you choose a group lesson, a private session, or a specialty clinic, you’re guaranteed a top-tier skiing experience at Deer Valley!