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Discover luxurious experiences on your next vacation. From being pampered at the spa to having your very own private chef and more, all you need to do is sit back and relax, while we we take care of the rest.

Welcome to Nature’s Playground

There is more to do in the mountains than just skiing and snowboarding. Discover the hidden secrets and activities to a true alpine adventure.


Whether you plan on taking a guided tour, or just wish to privately rent a vehicle, The Travel Whisperer team will ensure your perfect snowmobiling adventure.

Ski Biking

We highly recommend this epic thrill ride down the mountain. Ski biking is an ideal winter sport for groups of friends and family, the ideal activity for those looking for something a little different.


With rides beginning at sunrise, guests are treated to an exciting adventure coupled with spectacular mountain views, and upon return, can enjoy a sumptuous champagne brunch.


Enjoy expertly tailored courses situated against spectacular backdrops. With a range of courses for beginners and experts, The Travel Whisperer will ensure your dream visit to the links.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing adventures are the ideal summer day out for family, friends or colleagues. An expert guide will assist you as you climb a range of beginner, intermediate and expert level rock faces.

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