Mountain Biking Vacations

Discover amazing mountain biking vacations

An Alpine Adventure With Panoramic Views

Guests of all abilities can bike through the natural wonder of the Rockies, the perfect activity for individuals or groups.


Lower Lucy’s Loop in Vail

Ride the gondola up the mountain, and cycle across the ski runs and hiking trails of Vail. With great views and mostly level terrain, its an ideal route for experienced and intermediate bikers.

Boreas Pass in Breckenridge

Originally built in the 1860s to provide access to the surrounding gold mines, Boreas Pass is a true Breckenridge institution that offers staggering views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Rally Cat in Park City

Certainly one for the more adventurous cyclist. This diamond rated trail contains an array of jumps and gaps, with access from the chairlift.
Crystal Peak Lodge

Breckenridge Resort

Rest your legs after a hard day’s biking.

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