Snowshoeing Vacations

Discover luxurious accommodation for your showshoeing vacations

Set Off On A Unique Trek Through Nature

Expert naturalists will help guide you through some of the Rocky Mountains’ most gorgeous scenic routes. Our guests can enjoy a good workout while also soaking up their beautiful, natural surroundings.


McCoy Park in Beaver Creek

Snow shoeing in McCoy Park is one of Beaver Creek’s most unique winter activities. Visitors of all abilities are welcome, and the Beaver Creek Nordic Center offer a number of tour packages.

Breckenridge’s Nordic Center

Breckenridge’s Nordic Center is close to downtown Breckenridge and offers beautiful surroundings and astounding views. Their cozy wood lodge is also the perfect place to relax after a trek across the mountains.

All Season Adventures in Park City

Snow shoeing under a clear night’s sky is truly one of Park City’s most majestic experiences. All Seasons Adventures cater to visitors of all abilties, and their unique tours are a must do trip for all the family.
102C Hummingbird Lodge

Beaver Creek Resort

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